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As you may or may not have relized over the last couple of weeks development has come to a hold, this is for a couple of reasons, manly time and the changing my dev team.

At the moment we are picking up pieces and putting them back together.

When will the server be devoloped again? - well we are not sure yet but hopefully soon.


natr566 posted Jun 16, 17

It Dawns the day of the coding, addition of more plugins. Intergration and some updates.

Clear Path

natr566 posted Jun 13, 17

At this moment in time there is no clear path that the server is heading.

If anyone would like to suggest some ideas, and we can set the server on a clear path.

Devopepment has slowed down due to Life getting in the way.

Leave your ideas in the comments 

Sacrosanct_Angel If you played more, the server was more stable, we spoke to out friends about the server and we had group builds I think...


natr566 posted Jun 10, 17

Today we give thanks to One of our staff who has Resigned there position,                                                                           Sorry to see you go ASH.                                                                                                                                              I do Hope you will come back some day.

Ash Thanks for giving me this opportunity! I'm sorry to be leaving but I feel that it's best for me to resign if I...


natr566 posted May 19, 17

At the moment there has been alot of work put in from Me and Jack, I just wanted to take a minute to thank Jack.

So at the moment there is alot of stuff ongoing.

We are trying hard to get mini games up and running but have run it to alot of snags.

Other things being worked on

The verdict of staffing levels

consideration of rank removal

The ability to buy commands


And some other stuff

Sacrosanct_Angel So you are going to remove some staff?
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